White Birch Logs design ideas for your home

White Birch Logs design ideasBringing nature into your home is a wonderful way to enjoy the tranquility of being outdoors without having to endure the inclement weather or biting insects. For those of us who inhabit the concrete jungles there is nothing like the sight, sound or smell of fresh green nature to sooth the soul. However when venturing out into the wilderness isn’t an option, the next best thing is to bring the wild outdoors inside. There are so many ways to achieve this from plant pots to a flower bouquet or even a herb garden are all lovely, but wood or wooden artefacts are solid and comforting, they provide character, warmth and texture to a space that can sometimes be overly modern. Birch, occasionally called the watchful tree due to the numerous little eye-like markings on its bark is one of the most versatile materials to decorate your home with. The distinctive white bark is the perfect choice when deciding on interior design materials.

The actual trees themselves can be used in many ways from posters for beds to decorative wall displays; but if you lack floor space why not create wall art with them or even make a twig chandelier? If you’re fortunate and space is plentiful why not make a tree feature and set up your room around a fully grown specimen? This may sound outrageous and be completely out of place in your city centre apartment but in a chalet or country home it will blend right in with its surrounds. If that is too much consider replacing the pot plant in the corner of your living room or the vase of silk flowers with a display of white birch branches.

White Birch Logs design ideasIf you feel that having actual trees in your house would be too intimidating why not settle on a beautiful white birch wallpaper, there are so many gorgeous designs to chose from now. Or using a tree or branch instead as a functioning piece of furniture to blend it in with the rest of your home, for example making a coat stand out of a long piece of birch, is both practical yet strikingly different. Birch bark itself is so thin and versatile you can easily create individual pieces out of it like napkin rings, pot plant holders or a vase covering. Lumps of birch can be artfully sliced and used as photograph holders. Your options for this wonderful piece of nature are limitless, bringing the wild wood inside is guaranteed to enhance the ambiance and bring you just that little bit closer to nature.