DIY décor ideas for your home

DIY décor ideas for your homeThere are so many options these days to decorate your home; so many shops selling so many mass produced items that it sometimes seems as if uniqueness isn’t desirable anymore. This can easily be remedied if you have the time and the inclination to create bespoke decorations for your house. You don’t need to spend a fortune on materials, many items can simply be created by recycling old materials or temporarily borrowing current ones (you will be surprised at what you have in your home that you can upcycle). The possibilities are limitless and once you start I dare you not to become hooked – if you have an addictive personality don’t what ever you do look on Pinterest! But to start you out we have put together a few easy-to-create projects for you to try your hand at. Read on for DIY décor ideas for your home.

The bedroom. We all have old suitcases lurking somewhere in our house – you know the one with the broken zip, or the one with the missing wheel. If your suitcase has character but serves no purpose why not give it a new lease of life by screwing some table legs onto it and turning it into a table. Set it at the foot of the bed and you have a spare bedding holder! Did you cave and buy an ikea bedside table? Well panic not, jazz it up and make it truly yours by pressing upholstery tacks around its rim, texture and glamour with each addition!

DIY décor ideas for your homeThe living room. If you are changing your windows or you can get your hands on some weathered shutters, just a few nails and you can make a side table that will look spectacular adorned with some plants. Why not use left over wall paint to paint an old chair or the legs of a table, so quick and easy and eye catching. If you are struggling with wall art why not create your own? Go outside and take photographs of sights or events that inspire you and print them out onto large canvases: bespoke, beautiful art, well done you!

The bathroom. Never be far away from the next roll of loo paper. Screw your toilet roll holder underneath a piece of wood and then attach the wood to the wall as a shelf. Why not make a bespoke towel storage unit by painting old wooden crates in eye catching colours and stacking them together haphazardly. When the shapes bore you, simply rearrange them!

DIY décor ideas for your homeThe kitchen. Lots of wine glasses and not enough tea light holders? Create your own table decorations by simply popping a candle in a wine glass and setting a small lamp shade atop the glass, instant ambiance. Changing out your cabinet doors? Why not save one from land fill and add some handles on the top and bottom and make yourself a tray – canapé anyone? Spare curtain material? Simply cut it into rectangles with crimping scissors and make matching place mats and coasters. Easy.