How to clean your fireplace

clean your fireplaceWhat could be more romantic or atmospheric than a roaring fire? The crackle of the flames, the smell of woodsmoke, you can easily lose yourself for hours just gazing into its ever changing picture. In order to keep it wonderful you have to keep on top of the cleaning, the last thing you want is for soot to build up in the chimney flue and cause a chimney fire or worse build up so badly the noxious gases have nowhere to go and so leak back into the room causing carbon monoxide poisoning. You don’t need to get down and dirty regularly, just once in the autumn and potentially again in January if you use your fire place regularly. You also don’t need to pay someone to do it for you, we have the answers, so read on and we will have you back in front of your fireplace before you know it. Continue reading How to clean your fireplace

DIY décor ideas for your home

DIY décor ideas for your homeThere are so many options these days to decorate your home; so many shops selling so many mass produced items that it sometimes seems as if uniqueness isn’t desirable anymore. This can easily be remedied if you have the time and the inclination to create bespoke decorations for your house. You don’t need to spend a fortune on materials, many items can simply be created by recycling old materials or temporarily borrowing current ones (you will be surprised at what you have in your home that you can upcycle). The possibilities are limitless and once you start I dare you not to become hooked – if you have an addictive personality don’t what ever you do look on Pinterest! But to start you out we have put together a few easy-to-create projects for you to try your hand at. Read on for DIY décor ideas for your home. Continue reading DIY décor ideas for your home

White Birch Logs design ideas for your home

White Birch Logs design ideasBringing nature into your home is a wonderful way to enjoy the tranquility of being outdoors without having to endure the inclement weather or biting insects. For those of us who inhabit the concrete jungles there is nothing like the sight, sound or smell of fresh green nature to sooth the soul. However when venturing out into the wilderness isn’t an option, the next best thing is to bring the wild outdoors inside. There are so many ways to achieve this from plant pots to a flower bouquet or even a herb garden are all lovely, but wood or wooden artefacts are solid and comforting, they provide character, warmth and texture to a space that can sometimes be overly modern. Birch, occasionally called the watchful tree due to the numerous little eye-like markings on its bark is one of the most versatile materials to decorate your home with. The distinctive white bark is the perfect choice when deciding on interior design materials. Continue reading White Birch Logs design ideas for your home